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Dedicated Technology
Talk about serious custom ar's
Find out what folks have to say about Mike Milli's Custom gun smithing.

Mike Granger
Texas Predator Pursuit
Jeff Thomson and Todd Woodall show things well done "Texas Style".

Coming to the Call
An excellent video produced by Byron South.

Robert Cobb / Robert Long
Prarie Dog Be Gone
Mike and Tom from Velocity Films. You gotta see it to believe it.

Jim Champion
Quest for Coyotes
It just keeps getting better with Les and Jeff Johnson

Yellow Hammer
Predator Sniper Styx
There's no substitute for quality

Back to Basics
If you want to call and kill your own coyotes, this is the video for you!

Operation Predator 3
Special never before seen footage of the late great Johnny Stewart calling coyotes.

Predator Obsession
Scott Ruff and Richard Thornburg have entered the predator hunting video scene with a bang...

Jason El Paso
Coming to the Call 5
Another excellent video produced by Byron South.

Jack-In-A-Bag / Deployment Bag
Decoy Deployment Bag by Yoter's Den

Brent Saxton
Predator Hunters’ Winter Magic
Winter Magic by Predator Hunters’

Prarie Dog Be Gone And Beyond
For most eastern varmint hunters a trip "Out West" can be a dream...

Jeff Maiden
The Obsession Continues
I was recently passed a copy of the new Predator Obsession 2...

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