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by Crapshoot / Predator Masters
This is a 2 DVD set and runs for over 120 minutes. Hosted mostly by Al Morris but also features Garvin Young, Ed Wimberly , Gerald Stewart. With some special never before seen footage of the late great Johnny Stewart calling coyotes. Great footage Gerald. I would love to see more.

Featured are 29 hunts in several different states including Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada (Al, Stay outta my areas unless you call me to go with you). The hunting footage on this video is excellent . Lots calling and getting to see coyotes respond to the sounds. This is not a fast paced movie with lots of Rock and roll music. Just a well thought out video focusing on what’s important, hunting coyotes. Not much filler or hours of yackin. Just down and dirty predator calling. This 2 disk set also includes 3 Bonus Features. Demonstrations on the new Mac Daddy Coyote Howler and Mac Daddy Coaxer distress, Johnny Stewart’s new PT-1 and PT-2 Attractor digital call , and the Bloopers section (this is where you find out Gerald Stewart and Howlin Al Morris are human and miss their fare share of coyotes too).

My only complaint about this video were the commercial plugs for products. At least they were very short and not part of the actual hunting. More like 10-15 second spots placed between select scenes. Since this DVD is sponsored by so many great sporting goods companies, it only makes sense to give them a plug for their part in the video.

I give this video 4 coyote paws straight up and kickin!


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