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by Brent Saxton - Kee's productions / Predator Masters
Jack-In-A-Bag / Deployment Bag By: Yoters Den

One does not have to spend much time predator hunting to realize how important tools of the trade can be, and any tools that can make the days in the field easer are a plus! So, when given the chance to try the new deployment bag by the Yoters Den, I jumped at the chance.

After spending allot of hours in the field with the deployment bag, it has become a regular part of our every day calling accessories and we don’t leave home with out it! The features on this deployment bag saved us time and kept everything we need for the JIB unit right were we can find it. The construction of the deployment bag is tough and durable, it has a heavy-duty zipper, and very well constructed of camo material. Before we had the deployment bag we always set some grass or sticks in front of our JIB unit to make it blend into the area better, with the camo material there is no need for that now. The material also keeps the unit dry, light mist rain, snow, or wet ground, don't matter now, the unit stays dry. The material is also thick enough and insulated to help keep the unit warmer on those cold days on the stand, thus saving battery life as well. And also helps protect your JIB unit.

One of the great things about the deployment bag is it can be used with out taking the JIB unit out of the bag. This was a great feature for us. No more digging the JIB out of a back pack, just set the unit down and turn it on and its ready to go!

The side pouch makes this unit user friendly as well. The access flap that covers over the toggle switches has saved us on batteries, and keeps us from turning the unit on while transporting it in the truck or on our way to the stand. The access flap also keeps the switches set to be where we want them during transporting. On the other side the pouch will hold extra batteries and our patch cord. When we need the patch cord, we know right were to find it!

The deployment bag also has a clear button sewed into the top so the LED light can shine through with the bag closed up. This added protection makes it nice while night calling with the JIB because the unit is covered and well protected from the dew in the night air.

The deployment bag also has a nice carry strap; this was a big plus to us in the field. With filming and all the gear we have to transport to and from the stand, this feature helped us out a lot. With the strap, and knowing the toggle switches are protected, we can just put the strap over our shoulder and go! And know that when we get to the stand the JIB unit will be ready to go!

After field-testing this unit, I am very impressed all the way around with the deployment bag. And will recommend this product high on our list! This is one of the best accessories we have, and knowing that it is dependable, we won’t hit the woods with out it!

Brent Saxton

Kee's Productions

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