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Hunting The Night Shift

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by Crapshoot / Predator Masters
I have never been to Texas, but have always heard the tales. Predators beyond your wildest dreams. This movie just confirms the stories. Jeff Thomason and Todd Woodall do an excellent job of showing you the joys of predator hunting at it's finest.

This movie is broken up into three parts. The first part is dedicated to day hunting. There is tons of great footage. There are coyotes from the left and from the right and Bobcats creeping through fences. These fellas know their business. The action is fast paced and always exciting. The kill shots are excellent!

Part two is dedicated to night hunting. For those of you who don't have the opportunity to night hunt, this will be very exciting to watch. Footage is filmed both under white and red light. Techniques and set up's are covered. Coyotes, bobcats, coon and more fox than you can shake a stick at, and these fellas know how to put a shotgun to good use.

Part three was my favorite. It covers the bloopers of hunting. I can relate to this. Much of what goes on here has happened to many of us more than we would like to admit. This is the first time I have seen a hunting video where the makers weren't too afraid to show they are human too. The question is asked, How many times can you miss a coyote? Well Jeff and Todd, Lets just say I have you beat by four rounds. There is enough instructional commentation on set up, calls, and guns to help the beginner callers but not so much as to bore the more experienced caller. Jeff and Todd have done an excellent job filming, editing, and especially hunting.
Nonstop action by to fellas who seem to be good down to earth folks.
I give this move four Muzzles up!


Texas Predator Pursuit
TPP Productions
1822 Rayna Dr.
Weatherford, TX. 76086

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