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For most eastern varmint hunters a trip "Out West" can be a dream... for Tom and the crew at Dog Be Gone it is a "Dream Come True"! In this second installment in their great line of varmint hunting videos we get to watch the crew dispatch prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and rock chucks with everything from the slick 17HMR up to the massive 50cal! Yes... I said 50cal! You get to witness varmint destruction throughout the west, including Utah, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming!

If you are looking for a "bang... pop... bang... pop" film, you got it! With chapter titles like "Max Carnage" and "Dumb Dogs" you know that you will get some great impact shots. Tom and crew shoot everything in sight with everything under the sun, including rimfire rifles, center fire rifles, and center fire pistols. The forced aerial acrobats of some of these prairie dogs are down right amazing... but the most impressive must see is the rock chuck who had the misfortune of getting in the way of a 750gr A-max launched from Tom's Serbu BMG50! Overkill... you bet, impressive... with out a doubt, jealous... I most certainly am!

With in-depth information on the customization of Tom's now famous Savage to the great technical information on the products that the DBD crew is using in the film. You get to visit "Sharp Shooter Supply's" custom Savage work shop where Tom's "out of the box" Savage gets turned into a customized wicked varmint whacker. You also get to look inside a custom ammunition shop with "The Hunting Shack's" custom ammunition manufacturing. They give information on everything from 22 Hornet all the way up to the massive 50cal and everything in between. There is also a in-depth sections on the 17HMR, & .204 Ruger with ammo breakdown charts for both as a "special feature" after the video is over. Tom's true love for varmint hunting and shooting is prevalent throughout the film. But, the best thing about the film has to be the "comedic" comments by the crew mixed throughout the fantastic shooting of this all around great film. I didn't find much in the way of disappointment as I watched the video. The two insignificant things that I wanted more of were:

More shot descriptions (caliber, bullet, rifle, scope, distance...) Some of the shot had this, but not all of them.

More clearity of some of the rock chuck shots. Some shots had a crosshair that showed the well hidden critters... some didn't.

This will be a great addition to anyone's varmint hunting film section. To grab a copy of this DVD click on the Dog Be Gone link in our Advertiser's links section... After watching Tom and the crew have a BLAST (pun intended) I think it's time to start loading up some excess rounds for the 22-250 and 223! I will have to put them to good use some where... Head WEST young man!

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