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by Jason El Paso / Predator Masters
Scott Ruff and Richard Thornburg have entered the predator hunting video scene with a bang with their debut DVD, "Predator Obsession".

Who ever the camera person was they were bad at it. They moved way too much and had bad communication with the hunters and the other way as well. Then on one outing they forgot the tripod. And boy you can really tell. Well as Mr. NMleon said this was most likely Scott’s learning ordeal with the camera shooting.

During most of the stands due to bad communication they miss a lot of good shots, and several that they took were bad misses, kind of takes me back to when I was just a kid learning how to shoot. Anyways that is about all the bad things I will bring out I am sure I can come up with a few more but will let it “B”

Scott, Richard, and the other hunter that sat in on a few hunts. Have taken a venture into the Predator Hunting video seen. With “PREDATOR OBSESSION”

This will be a great DVD for the new comer to predator hunting. They have enough tips on what to do and how it should be done. The DVD has enough great kill shots. They give good tips on setting up the caller and how to place yourself in different terrains.

The hunts were filmed all over Oklahoma and South Texas. The movie has plenty of coyote and bobcat kills, wild pig and TEXAS Javelina as well as other varmint’s action shots. The areas of hunting, is shown in a lots of nice areas such as heave thick, very thick brushy timber area (great area) also in the desert yeppers looks just like home to me TEXAS.

Scott & Richard also give a little talk on firearms, from shotguns, AR-15, & 22/250.

On a few of the clips I feel that the new comer will be able to see what to do if they get a bad shot off and how to react. When the predator is injured after a bad shot and how to recover the animal. And what not to do as well.

On a few of the clips I jump off my chair yelling at the TV “G” I cannot see how you miss that shot.

Scott is performing all of the narrating on the movie, and he points out the mistakes taken and action that should be followed up. Like (I left the decoy in the truck, and the tripod in the truck) as well as the movement of the camera, and the lack of communication between him and the shooters.

I also like when they talk about the game laws and what animal is in season, and when they can kill that animal. Very good on the GAME LAWS.

I will say I did like very much the instructional aspects of skinning the coyote at the end of the movie. Great job on this, he explained it well along with the safety on using rubber gloves while skinning the animal. And how to sell your fur and save your fur for later treatment.

I also like at the end they showed all the items and equipment used and where to buy them from along with address and phone numbers, along with there own phone numbers for question if needed to be ask.

Richard & Scott are making another movie and I feel that this new one will be a good one to see. I cannot wait to see it when it comes out.

This movie was filled with enough good predator and varmint kills for an action pack two hour movie. The new comer to predator hunting will enjoy seeing this action pack movie.

Jason El Paso

Predator Obsession
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