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by Robert Cobb / Predator Masters
The hardest part about watching this video, was wishing I was there hunting with Byron. Byron South is the maker of the video, he has been calling predators for some 20+ years and knows his business!!
In the video, Byron and several of his friends and even his "cuter than a button" 7 yr. old daughter Hannah gets in on the action. There are close to 30 kills in the video, mostly coyotes, but with a couple of bobcats thrown in for good measure. There are some great shots on running coyotes that just really give it that professional touch.
The camera work was great, and the targets were always in focus, and pointers are used on the far off animals to let you know where they are coming in from. You get to watch as they are called in from the distance and brought nerve wracking close, just ask his daughter!!
The video runs for about 1 1/2 hours and covers everything from how to scout, how to set up, which firearms and loads can be used and even some info on calling itself. Byron uses the FOXPRO, almost exclusively, with a few handcalls to bring 'em in a little closer when needed.
Excellent use of slow motion makes this video even better to watch. Byron narrates the video the whole way. Personally, I think this is one of the other good points of the video, you always know whats happening, instead of being lost wondering what's going on. There is a lot of hard work and soul put into the video and I think it shows!! Byron is a great hunter and has a great product. I definitely recommend this video for your collection!!
If your a beginner, this would be an excellent starting point, or if you've been hunting for 20 or 30 years, even you can appreciate the great taste and time it took to make the video.
I was glad to have been chosen to give my opinion, I hope you guys do more than just take my word for it, you have to see it for yourself, I'm sure you will be pleased!! This is a second review that I really like also, I couldn't decided between the two.

by Joseph Long
Just received and watched the DVD version of "Coming to the Call".
Many of us enjoy hunting videos and plenty of on-screen kill shots and this one does not disappoint in that regard. I was also impressed with the overall "feel" of the production. It was candid without being amateurish and professional without seeming slick, staged or over-edited. Shooters muffed what appeared to be some easy shots and hit some incredibly difficult ones. I did not feel I was being talked down to by some scripted, blow-dried, manicured, self-ordained TV personality expert wearing the latest custom-tailored fashion from RealOak or Mossy Tree. By the same token, I did not get the impression that the narrator had failed to make it past the seventh grade.
I was not beaten to death with product endorsements. I did not have to endure a 15 minute justification on the ethics of , or justification for, varmint hunting (which the anti's aren't going to buy anyway). Mr. South comes across as a genuine hunter who has learned much from experience and is willing to share some of his hard-earned knowledge. It would require months or years on my own to learn some of the things he pointed out.

Coming To The Call
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