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by Weasel-UT / Predator Masters

If you’re looking for a “kill” video with an overwhelming number of coyotes being called and shot, this video isn’t it. If you want to call and kill your own coyotes, this is the video for you! Don’t get me wrong. There are a number of coyotes called and killed, but this video is intended to get you out in the field and putting down coyotes. Brent Saxton is the next best thing to your own personal tutor. He makes a statement, explains it, takes you into the field to show you, then demonstrates how it all goes together by calling and killing coyotes on film. Predators, Hunting in the East, part 1, Back to Basics is a 95 minute tutorial that even the least experienced hunter can gain enough knowledge from to get out in the field, call and shoot their own coyotes. Saxton covers finding land to hunt, locating the coyotes on the land, scouting the layout of the land, stand selection, calling technique, call sound, etc. He does it in an easy to follow “down home” style. Saxton explains how to hunt areas such as farmland, strip mines, hardwoods, thickets and more. He covers subjects such as hunting the wind, camouflage selection and gun selection. If you are like so many other frustrated predator callers that are having little to no success, let Brent Saxton show you how to increase your odds. Get this video, watch it, listen to what Brent says; follow his advice and you too will be stacking up the predators.


Back To Basics
Kee's Productions
c/o Brent Saxton
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South Point, Ohio 45680
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