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Prairie Dog Pudding.. Ok, it's like this. I hunt prairie dogs on a pretty consistent basis. I'm certainly no wiz at it, I see them, I aim and I fire, praying to the great and merciful varmint god that I actually hit something besides old rusty farm implements. Half the time I'm so involved in the process of aiming and firing, I rarely get to see the carnage. If you experience the same, I have the video for you, or rather Velocity Films does. If you're looking for carnage....ok, carnage doesn't do it justice....if you're looking for a carnival of carnage, check this video out. It's a virtual cornucopia of carnage laid upon unsuspecting prairie dogs. I spent the entire night a couple of evenings ago, sitting in front of my TV oohing and ahhing while Mike and his company of dog whackers smoked a ton of prairie dogs. What sets this video apart from others in the same genre, is the camera work. Somebody knows what they're doing.

That left a mark.......

Velocity Films consists of a couple of guys who have experience in the high tech world of action photography, so it's a no brainer that they know what they're doing. It takes you about 30 seconds to figure that out. Most of the video is rock steady, save some little jitters when the bang comes. They make liberal use of slow motion to show you just how explosive things can get. The video is jammed packed with vaporized grass rats doing all sorts of poorly executed back flips and half gainers, all to the sound of a pretty good soundtrack. If you're looking to spend some quality time with your TV and you just want to get away from it all, in other words, you've had enough of the yapping from family members and you're on the verge of a postal breakdown, shove this puppy into the VCR, crank up the volume and watch everyone with just a hint of queasiness bail from the room. I found myself repeating the immortal words of Chris Farley quite often. "That was AWESOME!" echoed through the room on more than a few occasions. Be prepared though, have a couple of AA batteries on hand before viewing. I wore out my remote control rewinding, pausing, fast forwarding, stopping for potty breaks, rewinding some was a vicious test of my high dollar remote. It got to the point where lights in the house were dimming everytime I went nuts and rewound the tape.

Prairie Dog Tip #1...Pay Attention!

"Hey mo, check out that little cutie over....(Thwap!)

While most of the video is dedicated to the fine art of damaging the psyche of prairie dogs nationwide, Mike (Double Down) and Tommy (Buzz Kill) do offer the rookie varmint hunter some really good tips. They discuss equipment needed and offer up some hard earned lessons on what and what not to do while venturing out into unfamiliar territory. This is NOT a how-to video though, this is just a bunch of guys getting together to lay waste on some dog towns.....and they do it well. What you won't have to sit through is commercials, no mention is made of what truck you need to buy, or what channel to watch or how great a hunter these guys are. Some bloopers are even added for your enjoyment, something we've all experienced I'm sure. They do make mention of the new .17hmr, going as far as to show some examples of its performance. I'm not going to give away too much here though, I don't want to ruin it for future viewers. Needless to say, I'm positive you'll find this video as awesome as I did. I will say this though, you'll never look at the Olympics with quite the same view.

Could it be improved? Well sure, 40 minutes isn't nearly enough for me. An hour would've been just fine thank you. Any more than that and my TV would've hemorrhaged to death. Available only on video tape, maybe with enough goading Velocity Films will give us the option of DVD someday. All in all, I'd have to say the Dog Be Gone video is quite worth the $22.00 shipped. Right now, at the time of this writing, Predator Master members can have the video for around $19.00 shipped. I'd suggest taking advantage of that offer while it lasts. See the link to this offer in the Varmint Hunting Forum.

So, Predator Masters gives the Dog Be Gone video from Velocity Films the rating of...

4 out of 5

Make the film longer next time, at least an hour to quell my blood thirst, and offer it up on DVD and I'd be more than willing to toss out a 5 rating....Bob/SoCal

Velocity Films
P.O. Box 765
Floral Park, NY 11002
(435) 203-9044

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Super Dog....

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