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by Weasel-UT / Predator Masters

As a predator/varmint/turkey hunter, I may have to spend a good deal of time on stand waiting for my quarry to show. A method of holding my rifle or shotgun at the ready with a minimum of effort and movement is invaluable, as is having a steady rest at the time of the shot. Hunting in the mountains for deer and elk or hunting the plains for pronghorn antelope sometimes requires a quick and steady rest for long range shots at game. Lightweight, portability, ruggedness and steadiness are features that I require in a shooting aid..

The light weight had me concerned about durability, but that was quickly dispelled when I removed the Predator Sniper Styx from their package. These are made from heavy walled T-6 aluminum tubing. They are sturdy and strong. Strong enough to serve as a walking aid in fact! They are camouflaged with Natural Gear Camo pattern. They are hinged with a flexible yoke and have a second yoke near the bottom of the sticks that serves to keep them quiet when walking. The tops are covered with textured sleeves that serve as a rest for your firearm. The sleeves also protect the finish of your firearm. The textured sleeves also offer a slip-free hand grip when used for walking. At 38" long they are perfect for everything from flat to very steep terrain. The sticks are threaded to accept your choice of four types of feet suitable for all terrain. Extensions are available to convert the standard model to a standing bi-pod. If you are so inclined, an extra leg is available to convert them into a tripod. Another optional accessory will convert them to a prone style shooting aid.

In the Field;

I tried the Predator Sniper Styx with rifles, handguns and shotgun. They provided stability necessary for pin-point accuracy on everything from flat to steep and uneven terrain. By simply moving one leg in or out, elevation changes are quickly made. Unlike many bi-pods, the Predator Sniper Styx allow you to pan your firearm without moving the legs. The Predator Sniper Styx also doubled as a rest for my binoculars and spotting scope. Another accessory of importance to predator hunters is the available Mouse Squeaker. The Mouse Squeaker mounts near the top of the sticks where your hand would be. It provides a method of luring predators closer with minimal movement on your part. One issue that has been brought up is, how do you carry the sticks if you need both hands free? That issue has been addressed with an optional sling. The sling consists of a length of shock-cord that slips right over your shoulder. In the past, I've carried shooting sticks by rubber banding them to my rifle. I like the Predator Sniper Styx idea better.

My Impression;

This is a professional, well built product that has been very well thought out. The added confidence of having a steady rest regardless of terrain is of great value. The ability to place your shots and make clean kills will increase your success rate. Predator Sniper Styx gets a "thumbs up" from me.

Predator Sniper Styx Review part II, Accessories

I recently acquired and used a couple accessories made to complement the original Predator Sniper Styx. The first is the Tri-Styx conversion. This product adds a third leg to the Predator Sniper Styx. The Predator Sniper Styx can still be used as a bipod, as before, but now you have the option of using the Predator Sniper Styx as a tripod. The conversion kit contains 1 30" leg, 1 hinge point, 1 end cap, 1 gripper yoke, and 1 positive foot. This conversion adds more stability to an already stabile shooting platform. The second accessory is the nine inch leg extensions. If you shoot from a stool, as I sometimes do, the extensions will raise the height of the Predator Sniper Styx to a level that is comfortable to use from the elevated position. The extensions are also handy for times when you have to hunt in tall brush. The extensions screw securely into the bottom of the Predator Sniper Styx and the feet screw into the bottom of the extensions. The extensions are available individually so you can buy three if you choose the Predator Sniper Tri-Styx or the Tri-Styx conversation. The more I use the Predator Sniper Styx and accessories the more I like them.


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