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by NMLeon / Predator Masters
Scott Ruff and Richard Thornburg have entered the predator hunting video scene with a bang with their debut DVD, "Predator Obsession".

There are just enough "tips" to make it instructive for the newcomer to predator calling, and plenty of kill shots to satisfy just about anyone.

Filmed in Oklahoma and Texas, it has plenty of coyote and bobcat kills in wide open spaces as well as close in brushy stuff, using both rifle and shotgun. Then throw in a few javelina, hogs, prairie dogs, rabbits, and even a rattlesnake for good measure, and you have a very enjoyable video.

One aspect of the video I particularly appreciated was that they did not edit the footage to make every shot seem to be a DRT kill. When an animal is wounded, they show it. When the shooter misses, they show that too. One memorable 30 yard miss had me exclaiming out loud "I can't believe he missed that", just before the shooter says "I can't believe I missed that".

Scott, behind the camera and doing most of the narration is completely unpretentious. He points out the mistakes when they happen, whether in calling (left the decoy in the truck), or in the camera work (should have brought the tripod).

Richard gives a very detailed and instructive demonstration of how to skin a coyote at the end of the video. For newcomers who plan to save fur, this segment alone would be worth the purchase price.

Richard and Scott gave a copy of their new DVD to PM and asked that we review it. That task fell to me and I get to keep the DVD for free, but I can assure you, I look forward to buying their next one.

This action packed 2hr video is a heck of an entry into the predator hunting film market. You won't be disappointed.

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