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Predator Master

Predator Masters is a group of dedicated predator callers that have joined forces to promote the sport of predator calling, wildlife conservation issues, and defending our hunting heritage.

Predator calling is one of the fastest growing hunting sports throughout North America. Yet up until now, predator callers haven't had an organization that is solely dedicated to promoting and protecting the sport that we enjoy today.

As a devoted hunter you're aware of the importance of protecting our sport against anti-hunting extremist that want to force their beliefs and way of life on every single hunter in North America. As a committed predator caller you're aware of the importance of callers communicating their needs and discoveries to calling equipment manufacturers to improve the sport of predator calling. Predator Masters is the first organization, and only organization of its kind where predator callers unite with sporting goods industry representatives for the common good of the sport.

Predator Masters would be proud to have you join forces with us. We have many great plans in store for our members, but our goals cannot be realized without your personal support. We've assembled some of the finest names in predator hunting across the United States to act as moderators in the forums. We have outfitters, outdoor writers and calling industry spokespersons. This is not your run of the mill rarely visited bulletin board on the Net. We have on average 2,500 visitors a day, Join in on the conversation! Please click the link above to enter the Predator Masters Bulletin Board.

Good calling to you...

Will Craig
Founder of Predator Masters

Predator Master

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