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by BroncoGlenn / Predator Masters
Byron South’s Coming to the Call Volume V

As the title suggests, this is the 5th of the Coming to the Call series. The video begins with an introduction from Byron South where he fills us in on what to expect over the next hour. We will see a number of hunts in a diverse array of habitats ranging from the vast prairies of Alberta Canada, Arizona’s desert scrub, and the thick woods of Texas and Louisiana. Byron also promises to show us some tips and tricks along the way.

The camera work was great, and the targets were always in focus, and pointers are used on the far off animals to let you know where they are coming in from. You get to watch as they are called in from the distance and brought nerve wracking close, just ask his daughter!!

The first hunt brings us to Alberta, Canada. This was a guided hunt by Predator Masters’ staff member Jim Renaud (Redfrog) of Redfrog outfitters. Also on hand was another Predator Masters’ staff member, Lance Adams (Crapshoot). I’ve been looking forward to seeing the footage of this hunt ever since talking to Lance upon his return from Canada. The footage of Alberta is beautiful and inviting with wide-open grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see. In this segment, one of the items Byron demonstrates is how well coyotes can hear. He shows us coyotes coming in to distress calls in high winds from healthy distances. And the quality of the dogs shown has me reaching for the phone to call the travel agent.

Next, Byron brings us back to the states where we begin to move around the thicker foliage of Texas and Louisiana. Byron places us on stands with Rod Haydel of Haydel’s Game Calls. Byron and Rod inform us of some calling techniques including how to get even the most call-shy coyotes to show themselves. Byron takes the time to explain to us how his stand is setup and why he set it up the way he did.

If getting the animals to come in to the call wasn’t hard enough, Byron shows us that’s only half the battle. In a hunt with Mike Dillon of FOXPRO, we get to see just how well a bobcat can hide--even in plain sight. We also get to see just how fast things can change when coyotes don’t come in as expected. A few times this results in the camera bouncing and panning a few times before resettling on the coyote, further adding to the excitement of the moment.

The second chapter of Byron’s video is, “Getting the Kids Involved.” In this segment, Byron shares with us how he has involved his own children, Hannah, Tanner, and Raegan in predator calling. He shows us some simple but effective training on shooting and calling. We are then brought along on a hunt with Byron, Tanner, and Jay Nistetter. It is this hunt where we get to see Tanner shoot his first Coyote. This chapter alone makes the video worth owning for anybody with kids that they are looking to introduce to predator hunting.

The third and fourth chapters of the DVD are “57 Kills in 4 Minutes,” and “Product Info,” respectively. The third chapter is just as its name implies: a number of short kill-shot clips. It is the perfect prescription for those looking to see somersaulting coyotes without waiting for Byron to call them. In the fourth chapter, you will find contact information for the manufacturers of products that Byron has featured in Coming to the Call Volume V.

My biggest complaint, however, is the lack of indexed scenes within the main portion of the video. Advancing to the last couple of scenes requires manually fast forwarding through the first hour. Having the scenes indexed would allow advancing to the seventh stand of the video by simply hitting the skip button a few times. Focus control is very good throughout. I could never understand why video authors don’t leave sharply focused branches and blurry coyotes on the cutting room floor. Byron, fortunately, seems to understand this. Furthermore, the scene transitions Byron has used in this video are much more subtle than his videos in the past and in current offerings by others. What I always find disappointing and distracting are transitions that try to make various patterns, folding effects, and mirror images during the transition. These do nothing but add an amateur home video feel to the product.

Byron South has delivered a quality video to us with Coming to the Call Volume V. Byron continues to share with us calling tips and techniques that he’s learned from over 30 years of experience and takes us to places we might not otherwise be able to go personally. With plenty of action, tips, and tricks, and this video is sure to please. Even if Byron can’t pronounce Nevada right.

Coming to the Call Volume V retails for $19.95 and is available from

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