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by BroncoGlenn / Predator Masters
Predator Hunters’ Winter Magic

From the great white north, across snow covered Canadian fields, John Summerfield casts for us a spell of Winter Magic. Featuring hunts of red fox and coyote, Winter Magic is a quality video predator hunting enthusiasts will find exciting and educational.

John brings close to ten years of experience hosting televised outdoor shows in his production of Winter Magic. With that knowledge, Winter Magic raises the bar for predator hunting videos. Excellent camera work is coupled with background music that is well utilized and meshes perfectly with the action on screen. Each scene includes a narration covering what, why, and how things are being done for each hunt. Another nice feature is a slow motion replay of the killing shot at the end of each scene. It looks like John has a pretty good idea of how to put together a hunting video.

One thing that I find particularly appealing is that each sequence is indexed to its own chapter on the DVD. This makes navigating to individual scenes very simple. I’d like to see other video producers follow this format.

Red fox fans are in for a treat: With more than half of the hunts being red fox hunts showing calling, stalking, and the ambushing of singles, doubles, and even triples, Winter Magic is sure to delight red fox hunters.

Winter Magic also contains a section of useful and informative tips. Here John shares what he has learned from his pursuits of predators. For example, when faced with two foxes, which one do you shoot first to ensure the second sticks around long enough to get a shot on? John explains this exactly. There is also information on coyote behavior that can help you put more fur on the ground.

With 22 hunts in all, 11 from east Canada and 11 from west Canada, John conjures up a heavy dose of Winter Magic. And an addictive dose it is. But do yourself a favor: Before starting the video be sure to pour up a cup of hot chocolate. With fields covered in white and snow popping and crunching under foot, the sharp chill of winter is brought into your living room. You might even find yourself turning the thermostat up a few degrees.


Predator Hunters’ Winter Magic

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