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I have to admit I've never been Prairie Dog hunting in my life. I mean c'mon here how often do you think that opportunity knocks on the doors of us Cheeseheads? Ok, Cheeseheads with jobs, that better?

After watching Velocity Films dvd of Prairie Dog be Gone, let me tell you that I will find my way out West to get in on this action...Rrrrreal soon. Never actually having done it, I'm thinking...well this dvd will at least give me a simulated taste of what all this talk is about so I can base my decision on something. Did I mention that I will find my way out West to participate in this festivity of Prairie Dog exploitation real soon?

These guys have put together a film that consists of everything that all you veteran Prairie Dog hunters hope for when you go, and everything us rookies have...well, only seen in the movies! This thing is packed with, let's see how did they word that on the package...."Dog Blasting Action". Trust me on this one, dog blasting is a huge understatement. The ability and technology these guys have with their cameras is nothing short of awesome as they take us along on several shooting scenes. They hold absolutely nothing back in the process either. It's great. They've included a brief once over of the rifles makes and caliber they choose to use along with some basic equipment of their choice, including the New England Sportster 17cal. There's a wealth of additional information packed in around the actions scenes and it was all layed out perfectly to keep me from getting bored listening to someone talk.

If your like me and have never hunted Prairie Dogs you'll be intrigued by what these guys cover in a short time with the spread out segments perfectly inserted on finding good areas to hunt, what equipment you should bring and why, and some basic how-to's, do's and don'ts. Seasoned Prairie Dog hunters should get a kick out of the movie just because Mike and Tom have made it so fun to watch with the tailored sound track and a ton of awesome shots and their outcome. This movie definitely does not skimp on the action as do some I have seen. If you watch this and do not spend the first 20 minutes of the movie finding yourself repeatedly saying "Whoa!", you have got to be in a coma. You'll catch yourself after that. It's definitely not for the squeemish as I mentioned earlier, as these camera guys are the farthest thing from conservative.

There's some specially edited footage towards the end, I'll call it that to keep from giving away too much of the movie for you, but they take footage from earlier in the film break it up and add a little editing humor. It's a riot to watch but after a while you begin to recognize earlier shown shots and predict their outcome.
All in all, I'd recommend the dvd to anyone whom has even the slightest interest in Prairie Doggin, because this one will either make ya or break ya! and I don't mean expense wise, as the video verses the dvd price is less then a $5 difference.
The video, once only available at in a VHS format is now available there and at MidSouth Shooters Supply, and at Sportsman's Warehouse in VHS and DVD format. Ya gotta see it!!

Jim Champion
Predator Masters
(River Runner)

Velocity Films
P.O. Box 765
Floral Park, NY 11002
(206) 202-7324
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