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#2371881 - 12/26/12 04:47 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Big95xj]
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Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/13/12
Posts: 436
Loc: S.W. Mo
Originally Posted By: Big95xj
My vote goes to a good ole jeep cherokee. They vary rarely break but if they do its a cheap fix you can do with tools you already have. Im not a fan of foriegn vehicles due to the need for special tools most of the time. But the cherokee gets ok fuel mileage stock and the 4.0 has all the power you could possibly need. They have plenty of room for gear and you can pick em up well under a couple grand. And like the yotas the 4.0 runs for forever. I had two of these with over 230000 on them and beat the crap out of em and was never let down...

I had an '88 4runner that was helpless on wet grass, snow, mud or anything slippery. Try to find something with limited slip in the rear if you can. Don't overlook an older Mitsubishi Montero either. I had the old two door one before I got the 4runner and that thing would go anywhere or climb anything! It went places in 2wd I couldn't go in 4wd in the Yota. "Course it had limited slip and the Yota didn't. I used to go rockhounding out in the Mojave Desert in Ca and was always finding vehicles stuck in the sand. I would hook up to them and tell the driver "honk when you want me to stop"! Sure embarrassed the owners of shiny new rigs to get pulled out by a beat up old Montero grin

#2371933 - 12/26/12 05:39 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Stirling XD Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 08/18/09
Posts: 278
Loc: Northern Colorado
I'll cast my vote for a Toyota. I currently have '99 4runner with 213k miles and very little repair cost. My next rig will likely be a Tacoma. I want to be able to haul a ATV or something dead without worrying about the carpet. Years ago, Dad and I did all of our hunting and fishing out of 2wd Toyota pickups. People were always amazed as to where those little pickups could go with just 2wd.

#2371944 - 12/26/12 05:50 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
woodguru Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 10/30/12
Posts: 3361
Loc: California
Here's a little sleeper that some people might laugh about, but most won't have a clue that they even exist

An Infinity QX4 off road package option that was made for just a couple of years, I have a 1999 and they stopped making it either that year or in 2000/2001.

It has a 2 wheel drive mode, an all wheel electronic regular mode that's the same as the normal QX4's, and a full lock that fully locks side to side on both axles and front to back, and a low range mode that can be used either all wheel or full locked mode. This thing will pull out of the slickest mud or snow as long as one wheel has any traction.

According to the dealer when I got this new in 1999 there were only 4% of the QX4's made with this option. Sticker was over $40k for it. There was an off road magazine that did a shoot out with these against all the best like Range Rover, Land Cruiser, Pathfinder, etc. and these were the off road top of the pack.

It's got heated leather seats, nice stereo, 5000lb towing rating with the optional towing package. I used it to launch a fairly heavy 16ft Lowe fishing boat into the side of a lake where there is no launch ramp, just the steep side of the lake, a 4x4 truck would not get enough traction to do this.

These can be had with lower miles for $5000+/-, they make a heck of a nice hunting vehicle that will not let you down in nasty conditions, I pulled a lot of supposedly top ranked 4x4's out of bad mud and snow through the years. It embarrasses the heck out of guys with $50k SUV's to get pulled out by an Infinity. grin
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#2371991 - 12/26/12 06:26 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
dan brothers Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/03/10
Posts: 3781
Loc: Santee, SC 29148 USA
here is the infinity on ebay for 2000.00... but it's in NY
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#2371996 - 12/26/12 06:30 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Orneryolfart357 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 10/06/07
Posts: 9053
Loc: Nevada
Oh No Guru! Not more Car stories! Please say it aint so! He had another family sedan that did 200 MPH if you believe his earlier stories. lol

#2372238 - 12/26/12 09:02 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Widow maker 223 Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 12/10/11
Posts: 4192
Loc: Northern IN
Love the tacos and runners. Throw a locker in the rear 3" body lift and some 33's and it will go places. This truck started out with that set up weeled it for a few yrs. Then went SAS. If you ever have to change a clutch go Kevlar and dont look back.

#2372309 - 12/26/12 09:42 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: mtngroan]
the noobie Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 2297
Loc: Idaho
Originally Posted By: mtngroan
Originally Posted By: the noobie

#2, the rear end rides a little low, sometimes my hitch will drag or hit ground when crossing a wash out in the road. I want to get a leveling kit and a 2-4 inch lift to help solve this.

Noobie, I put Tundra coils in the rear and Ole Man Emu coils in the front, I am a little higher in the rear, but with trailer or a hitch hauler full of deer it rides good!

Thanks, ill have to try something like that. My struts are about shot so they will be getting replaced this summer before fly fishing season, while I'm at it I will have to replace the coils as well. I've also heard that the coils from a 99 4 runner will give me a bit of a lift aswell as give me a bit more rigid coil that won't settle quite so bad.
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#2372566 - 12/27/12 01:47 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: the noobie]
Sedlak Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 10/14/12
Posts: 82
Loc: Utah,USA
The process is started been calling all over talking to people selling their 4runners cant wait to get it narrowed down. Decided to go with manual trans as for the repair costs will be cheaper plus I miss the good old days driving my stang in Cali. To keep this thread going what mods if any would you do for a hunting rig, Ive noticed a few have stated some things to take into consideration.

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#2372569 - 12/27/12 01:59 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
yotebuster10 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 222
Loc: New Mexico
If you get a yota with a 3500 # winch you can go anywhere. If you get a yota LC engineering has good aftermarket parts ... but in reality fuel mileage and 4x4 getting in and out of nasty spots is all that matters ...throw some lockers in it and a winch and be done ...

#2372793 - 12/27/12 10:56 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Widow maker 223 Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 12/10/11
Posts: 4192
Loc: Northern IN
If you are gonna go with a locker just put one in the rear. Dont mess with the front if you get a new one with IFS. The front CV shafts are stout, but its more of a pia to put in. But with just one in the rear you will be amazed were you will go. Iv been running a aussie locker for 10yrs and i can crawl thru some chiz in 2wd. One thing you might want to upgrade on a new one would be the hubs, im not a fan of auto locking hubs. The old school stock aisin hubs are pretty tough, throw some warns in and your good.

Heres my stock 84 hi lux 1/2ton long bed

Half way done now just needs paint.

#2379316 - 01/01/13 11:46 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Bernie P. Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 2239
Loc: NY Adirondack Park
Another well worth a look is Toyota's Rav 4.Earlier runs were available with either tranny.A few years ago they dropped the manual.

#2379450 - 01/01/13 01:21 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
EJ Reichenbach Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 03/02/10
Posts: 2656
Loc: Wyoming
I have a 95 yota that has been beat to the hills, I put a couple addaleafs in the rear and put lower gears in it, it has about 260k on it

#2387504 - 01/07/13 10:22 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
packhunter Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 12/17/11
Posts: 66
Loc: CO
Ford Rangers make for a nice hunting rig. Get one with a 4.0 and a manual trans then swap out the hubs for some manual locking ones. I love both of mine.

#2387555 - 01/07/13 11:06 AM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
elks Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/28/03
Posts: 3243
Loc: Central WY
So I would add a new one to the mix. Look at a chevy blazer. The good old K% from 73 on. they are a great all around vehicle with only 1 exception fuel mileage, but on a hunting rig that is not usually a deal breaker.

Why a K5.

1. V8 350 engine pretty standard. The easiest and one of the most common engines in the world (also means easy to find and cheap parts).

2. 87 and 88 came fuels injected

3. they area dime a dozen right now on CL and can be had for 1500-3000 for one in really good shape.

4. They can tow a 20' camper, boat etc.

5. they are cheap, and do really well off road

While there is nothing wrong with the yotas, I really like my old Chevys to beat the piss out off.

Of course they look really cool when properly decorated(this is a 71, I would not recommend unless you have some restoration skills or deep pockets to get one already restored)...

After the blazer I would also look at a Jeep Cherokee, they are nearly the same, great little engines (4.0 or 4.2) and can be had on the cheap due to mass quantities sold.

All a man needs in life is open ground good guns and a wife who can skin.

#2396071 - 01/13/13 08:27 PM Re: Good Hunting Vehicle [Re: Sedlak]
Illinoishntr Offline
New Member

Registered: 12/05/12
Posts: 16
Loc: southern illinois
Sounds like your set on a toyota im sure it will be great for you i would recomend a older model jeep. I have hunted out of one for years. A lift and good tires they will go anywhere and they tread lightly. I have had a cj7 on the family farm a long time when its to muddy for my z71 my jeep will go and hardly leave a track

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