Great Addition

Posted by: catwhacker

Great Addition - 06/27/08 10:51 AM

I think this will be a great addition to PM. There is alot of great calls and call parts out there. Hope to see them soon.

Good luck to all. Jim
Posted by: ohioyotehntr

Re: Great Addition - 06/27/08 12:09 PM

I agree. Great for us getting started on call building. This way we can easier access to these kinds of things like toneboards and other supplies that you guys are graciously offer to us. Great Idea!
Posted by: rockyfordjoe

Re: Great Addition - 06/30/08 10:41 AM

I agree what a great addition for those of us just getting started.
Posted by: marvinnielsen

Re: Great Addition - 07/23/21 03:33 AM

I agree with this great addition to PM.
Good Luck.