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#3315867 - 03/04/23 02:14 PM Re: Will POI change taking after the same suppressor off and on the same gun? [Re: skinney]
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Originally Posted By: skinney
Absolutely I have that listed, regarding what instrumentation and standards he implies to make it fair for all suppressors on any given day. I do know that a few suppressor manufacturers take pretty big issue with him because of his unbiased testing and stance on testing and evaluation.

If anyone else has detailed questions on this subject and questions for him, by all means let me know.

Like, love, or hate TBAC, I appreciate and respect the testing Ray and the folks from TBAC do. Ray will test anything a manufacture is willing to send them and he puts it all right there on youtube to see. If something meters better than their stuff Ray has no problem saying so and will give kudos to them right in the video for all to hear and see. I'm unaware of anyone else that videos their actual testing, describes the equipment used, and puts it all on youtube like Ray does.

Maybe you could get them on together, that'd be interesting.

#3317659 - 03/16/23 11:32 AM Re: Will POI change taking after the same suppressor off and on the same gun? [Re: Erie660]
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I switch around my Specwar and Omega 300 all the time with ASR brakes
Dead nuts on with no change at all.

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#3317711 - 03/16/23 05:37 PM Re: Will POI change taking after the same suppressor off and on the same gun? [Re: BangPop]
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Originally Posted By: BangPop
Ray Sanchez from Thunderbeast published about the effect of not cleaning a suppressor. He had one can that was returned to their shop for cleaning that had gained 8 ounces of carbon and lost most of its ability to suppress. He quoted the dB readings both before and after cleaning which was a significant difference. The can gets full of carbon and the volume that was available to contain gas was reduced. A suppressor starts loosing effectiveness from the first shot from carbon accumulation. It takes a while but it never stops.

Yea I think TBAC recommends that if their can get a few ounces of carbon build up then it should be cleaned. But with that said I have read that the TBAC guys say they donít really ever clean their personal center fire cans as they donít need it cleaning.

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