Bleaching Skulls

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Bleaching Skulls - 04/06/02 01:54 PM

River Runner,
I have gotten into Cow Skulls. Painting and saleing them. The first few I got were fairly clean enough, and just washed and sprayed them down. I have 2 tho, that are just filthy and almost black. My boyfreinds father(James Lindley) is actually a Moderator on here. So that is how I come to this site. He printed me out your postings for the Peroxide 40. I have already gotten it. My freind who ordered for me, said she had never heard of the Basic White. You said I could just bathe it in the 40. I've started to do that, but I do have one problem. The bucket I am using is not big enough for one with the horns. If I cant get it in there, how do I clean it? It was fairly clean when I got it. But I noticed after spraying it down to get dirt out of it that it had a few maggots coming out of it. If I cant get in a pan to boil it, what do I do about those? Do I just have to wait, and let them finising, umm eating? I have 5 done already, but I am anxious to get to the one with horns, its HUGE and will great painted. If needed explain some to James, he has helped me alot. Him and his son got the slippings from the horns, and I got the skull. Even trade I believe. They will use them for calls, and knife handles. I made this to long, I will think some, and ask more later.... Thanks

Posted by: BadMedicine

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/06/02 02:00 PM

Welcome to predator masters:D

I know nothing of bleaching skulls, except that, if at all possible DO NOT boil the 2 week old rotton meat off of a grizzly bear skull in your kitchen. The smell just doesn't wanna leave....EVER!!
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/06/02 02:17 PM

Thanks BadMecine, but I dont plan on doing any boiling, specially not with a huge cow skull. I am not going out and getting any fresh skulls. The ones I have, have been sitting for a long time, and have been donated to me. Just the one with the horns is a lil fresher, is all. Thanks for the advise tho....
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/06/02 02:49 PM

Amy, welcome to the site.

Boiling that skull you spoke of with maggots in it would be the quickest, by far.
I was thinking, if you knew anyone in your area that trapped, maybe they'd have a larger metal container they boil their traps in and you could borrow it.

You could also set the skull outside somewhere, and let the flys and maggots run their course, if your not in a hurry.
Use a hose to flush out the brain cavity real good first, to flush out anything loose.

The Basic White is used to make a paste as you read in the other post, you won't need a big container to soak it in. Just brush on the paste.

Basic White should be available at most beauty salons, or like a Walmart health and beauty aids department.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/06/02 09:55 PM

Thanks River Runner

My boyfreind said he might know of a Large Pot that I could use, so we will see about the boiling. I noticed that they mainly came off the horns, from where the slippings had been. The cavity was pretty well cleaned, nothing in it that I could see. When I soaked it, even tho it didnt fit in the bucket well, I manuerved it around, first up right, then on one side with a horn in, then flipped it. I am going to do some more tomorrow, had to head to work and quite for the day.
My freind who got me the 40, said she will look into the Basic White, I am going to ask a few other salons also, just in case.
I'll let you know how it turns out....

Posted by: Dusty-n-Alaska

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/07/02 12:58 AM

The black and the maggots are related. Maggots feed by puking up the equivilant of stomach acid, then slurping up the goo that results--ie, they digest their food (and, in this case, part of your skull) THEN eat it. Pretty cool trick, hu? The bad news is that some of the bone dissolves and is left behind as a precipitate (the black stuff is mainly elemental iron, if you're curious), which I have found to be nearly impossible to remove--but I don't use peroxide 'cause I'm working with museum critters, not display critters. Unless you have a method of getting the skulls back to white (Krylon maybe, if you are painting them anyway) I suggest losing the maggots. If you don't care about the color, let 'em do what they do--they don't hurt anything that you are likely to notice. You WILL want to find something to soak the skull in to clean it up a bit after the maggots have had their fun--I cleaned most of a bowhead whale with maggots about 4 years ago, and it STILL smells like maggot. Even a few winters at -40 don't kill that smell--I imagine a soak in lemon-flavored ammonia would.

How about a picture of one of those painted skulls?
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/07/02 02:26 PM

Dusty, I've always sprayed my skulls with a sealer at the end. Never had any odors.
The peroxide eliminates most of that anyway.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/08/02 09:07 PM

Im workin on some pics. I have 5 done aleady. 2 done in Texas Flags, with the star in the middle of the forehead, and 2 just weird designs. The 5th I am workin on now, its got an eagle on the forehead, and a mountian scene descending below. Its coming out pretty well. The last(one with horns), when clean and ready to paint, will be done in Trible Designs, I think it is gonna be awesome! I will let you know how it turns out.
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/08/02 10:27 PM do know that you can't advertise on here with out paying for a banner or otherwise asking for permission, right?

Ok then

I'm just givin ya a hard time
Seriously though, the way your describing these things, post some pics. I think I want to buy one. You got me all thinking over here when you mentioned tribal designs
Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/08/02 10:44 PM

Hehe River Runner, you and I can though Just kidding... Welcome to predator masters Amy. Glad you made it. This girl is gonna go hunting yote with me one of these days. Then she can have her a coyote skull to do .......James L. BTW that is one hell of a skull that they found. It had to have been a bull as it is about the size of a buffalo skull. Only thing is I don't remember the animal that it came from unless it was.... Never mind while typing this it just popped in my head which one it was. Big old Bramha Bull. About 2500 lbs worth :eek: ...... J.L.
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/08/02 11:03 PM

I hear ya, I still want one of ya's to post some pics though.
I just may have her do me one
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/09/02 05:09 PM

James has a pic of one at his house actually, I will have to get the camera and take some of the other ones. How do I go about putting one on here. My webpage is out, so cant use it.... One of these days, yeah, I'll go hunting with him. I rather do the sittin thing than trudgin the woods for coons and such like Jamie has me doin. Its all fun though, and I know he likes having a girlfreind that is into all that.
TooDLeZ, got some painting to do...
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/09/02 07:50 PM

You'll need to upload them to the web somewhere.
Image station.

Then just put the web address of the picture into your post
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/10/02 12:27 AM

Thanks RiverRunner...
I may have those pics for you 2morrow nite. Will even take a pic of the "BIG ONE"!!!!
James, I was trying to get Jamie to read some of this, but he said he sees enough of it at home.LoL.. Oh Well!!!!

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 04/10/02 11:41 PM

Well, looks like no Pics till this weekend. Gotta get some film........

Posted by: spacecowboy

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/04/02 04:26 PM

in texas.. we just toss skulls on top of the antbed.. in a few days its bone white.. best way to boil large things is get a 4 legged cast iron
fireplace grate or something similar..a welder can make you one thats about 2 foot tall for $10
then sit a clean 55 gallon drum on it fill it
with the desired amount of liquid needed and
light the fire under it..hope this
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/06/02 03:19 AM

Thanks spacecowboy...
I will keep that in mind. Seems thats how someone else told me how to do it once. Altho, i havent gottin a fresh enough one for me to have to do that yet.. The ones I get have pretty much been sitting for a while, and just found... There usually pretty clean, except for a lil black and dirty here and there... I have done 10 so far... Still havnt gottin any pictures done yet... Im a bad procrastinator sometimes, or my boyfreind is, cuz he hasnt gottin any film yet for the camera... Still workin on it tho..
Been a lil pre-occupied lately tho, got wedding plans to do. Gettin married in October. Ole James is gonna have him a daughter-in-law LoL, he will probably take me huntin for a wedding present, I wouldnt mind tho.....
Talk to yall soon... Im off to bed!!
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/06/02 11:22 PM

Just please tell me this isn't one of them Texas Shotgun Weddings
Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/07/02 12:09 AM

Wedding? :eek: What wedding :eek: :eek: ???? Who to? :eek: WTH???? :eek: lol Just joking... She is going to make a fine daughter-in-law. I'll pass on the hunting trip as a wedding present though lol.... James L.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/08/02 03:01 AM

Yeah.. Its good to know they like me around there... LoL, especially for my food! I Love to cook, and they love to eat it. Guess I still owe ya some Sausage Bread, huh? Will try to get that for ya when I got the money to go shoppin...
I was only kidding about the hunting trip, will probably get plenty of those later down the road... Think it kinda comes with the territory! Looking forward to all that comes tho, got me a good man, I guess he might take after his daddy, who knows ........

TooDLeZ from TeXaS

Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/08/02 12:38 PM

[QUOTE]Think it kinda comes with the territory! Looking forward to all that comes tho, got me a good man, I guess he might take after his daddy, who knows ........[/QUOTE]Now tell what ya really want??? :eek: lol
>>James L.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/08/02 11:03 PM

Didn't really mean nothin by it. Just meant, I guess, that the hunting will come with the territory(Jamie). Hell, already been fishin, coonin, squirl, deer, and half/ass beaverin with him, dont mind none of it. At least he's got him a girl that will, not just let him, but will also go with him when his buddies dont want to.
As for the good guy...... Yeah, he's alot like ya. Ya raised em good, thats what I love about em.

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/08/02 11:07 PM

I just reread what ya wrote...

I thought you said "tell what ya really meant"
but you said "want"..

Dont want anything else. Got what I want, all I will ever need. He's one of the good ones, not gonna let him go... So, means your stuck with me for a long time!

Posted by: Bluedeacon

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/10/02 02:53 AM

Well Congrat to the two of you, may you have a great life together. For the honeymoon you could come to the PM hunt in Globe??
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/27/02 11:30 PM

Was just let you know, Im workin on gettin a PIC of my CowSculls on here...... Got one scanned and ready to go, if this website will just let me save everything.. I have went to like you said, and its given me hell. I'll keep workin on it tho...

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/27/02 11:39 PM

I give up for 2nite.....
Its not showing any of my pics...
Nor my background or nothing... Just Text!!!!!
IM BOUT TO SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Sean Martin

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/28/02 11:20 AM

Welcome to the board Amy .
you didn't realize what you were getting yourself into when you started dating Jamie did you . But we are glad to have you around future niece-in-law

Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 06/29/02 09:33 AM

What's all the rucus in here? Amy, you still having probs with
Talk to me.
Posted by: Texas 4x4

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/01/02 10:58 PM

Hi, I'm on the FFA Wildlife team at Sandra Day O' Connor High school in Helotes, Texas. My ag teacher is always telling us to collect skulls from different game animals so that we can practice identifying them for the techniques part of the wildlife contests. He was at some wildlife conference or something a couple of weeks ago and he told us that people from the other teams just let the skulls soak in a bucket of water for a few weeks and things in the water get all the meat off and clean the brains out. He said the skulls looked very clean and advised us to start doing that for the skulls we collect. You might ought to try that. Hope this helps.
Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/02/02 12:10 AM

Texas 4X4.. Did you smell those skulls? If you didn't smell them then they did something to them besides just letting them sit in a bucket of water. I cann't think of anything more rank than an animals skull that has been sitting in a bucket of water for a couple of weeks to get the meat off of it.

Most people use a peroxide solution to kill the smell after it has been through the defleshing. As far as getting the flesh off there are faster ways than setting in a bucket but I cann't think of one that smells good.

The bleaching that Amy is talking about is done to turn the skull a brilliant white before it is being painted. The problem she ran into with the one skull is the fact it came off a 2000 lb + brahma/simatal(sp) bull with a horn width of about 2 feet. The skull is about 2.5 feet long and just to danged big to get it in a 5 gal. bucket. I don't think the thing would fit in a #3 washtub it is so big. I have one of the horn slips and it is 11 inches long and it is four inches in diameter. And that is with about 6 inches of the tip originally cut of so the old bull wouldn't gore you......... James L.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/03/02 01:37 AM

Not just the size of the thing, but that suckers is a hell of a thing to lug around. For now, its just hangin up, catchin some sun, till I figure out what I want to do with it. I kinda laid off the skulls for a while, I'm painting ummmm, bird houses right now, and wood burning signs... Im still trying to get that website to work to post my pics. I only have the one tho, gotta get film developed for the rest... Things have just been crazy around here. Dont seem to have time to do anything "hobby" wise. All work, no play for now, at least till after October. Tempted to just take my moms advice, save money and elope. I doubt it tho, Jamie done said NO to that one.

Oh yeah, thanks for the welcome Sean


Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/04/02 02:45 AM

If you keep having trouble or just don't care to mess with it Amy, send me the pics and I'll put em for ya and psot em in here.
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/04/02 02:48 AM

Wait a minute. I don't know if I can psot them or not.
Send em over and I'll post em instead. Good enough?
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/08/02 04:32 AM

Thanks RiverRunner...

How do I send it to you? I need like an email address or somethin....

Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/08/02 08:43 PM
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/10/02 10:58 PM

Hey RiverRunner
Im gonna try this ImageStation that James told me about to do my pic with it... If I still have trouble I will send it to you or him... Should be taking my film Friday, and will have more pics by next week.

Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/11/02 12:24 AM

Putting this up for Amy! Cool pic of a cow skull that she painted.>>>> James L.

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/11/02 12:32 AM

I got it on here, and Photo Gallery, with another pic there also.... Now just gotta get the other ones done...

Im tired of foolin with this P.O.S. Computer 2nite, Im headed to bed.....

Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/12/02 10:16 PM

Looks good, I like it

Glad to hear ya's got the photo situation ironed out.
I'm waiting for a preview of the Predator Masters protocol skull
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/12/02 10:48 PM

Im glad you liked it... Hoping to get the others up next week or so...

Just what exactly are you talkin about?? Protocol Skull?? Talkin about my BIGONE? If I ever get the energy, or the motivation to work on it, we'll see... What would you like to see on it? Need some Ideas!!!

Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/12/02 11:08 PM

I'm thinking a brown or brown camo with either the Predator Masters logo on each temple area, or " Predator Masters " painted down the muzzle on each side.

Ok, ok, you think I've lost my mind
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/12/02 11:19 PM

Sooooo............... I know im not really advertising or nothin..
IF I did somethin like that, you think one of yall would wanna buy it?

Posted by: Bluedeacon

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/14/02 12:38 PM

That's totally awsome Amy!!!! I'm sure you could sell them, probably for more than you think.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/14/02 01:44 PM

Thanks BlueDeacon..

Yeah, I know I could sell them, just havnt found a place to do it at yet. Here, nobody would by them, people see enough cows around here as it is. If I go to a bigger city somewhere, I know I could do good with them. I have seen some on the 'net, that people have sold for over $300. Im not gonna go that high with em, but you cant bet Im not gonna get less than $50 for them, or less than $100 for my BIG ONE!!!

Right now, Im wedding searchin some clip-art for some projects I have in mind. Gotta get back to that, talk more later...

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/16/02 12:50 AM

Well, I finally got them scanned... I am missing ONE though! The one I did for Jamie, I didnt get a picture of it, but I will soon. Hope ya'll like these....

Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/16/02 12:56 AM

HERE THEY ARE!!!! The first one is my BIG ONE!!
The second is one Jamie designed, but I painted, and the last I designed...

Posted by: James Lindley

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/16/02 01:05 AM

How about solid flat black(as in death) with the predator masters logo(white one with the bobcat) right in the middle of the forehead with "When Only The Best Will Do" printed above it in blood red with drips off of it like dripping blood? With a good thick clearcoat. Would be one heck of a raffle prize! :eek:

And I have just the skull for it (not mine! )But Amy knows which one?>>>James L.
Posted by: River Runner

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/16/02 07:10 PM

The first picture...I like that sucker!

Nice work on the other two, Amy. James has a pretty cool idea, let's bring it to life.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 07/17/02 02:40 AM

Whoa Whoa... Hold up!!
Your gonna have to tell me more about that design James, and just where I can get a hold of the LoGoS at.. The only thing I ever see is a the top of the page..
Why not "your" skull??? COMON?? Its a nice lookin one, I could do wonders with it. All it is doin is sittinn on the back porch. It would make me a 3 one to paint, cuz I only got 2 left. Haven't found any others yet.
Thanks RiverRunner.. I got a pic of Jamies 2day, no telling when I will get it developed though. Picture this........... Almost as big as the BIGONE, but with shorter and nubbier horns. All White, except for inside the eyes, and around them black, the inside mouth black also. A bear paw design on the center forehead, with triangler trible design arcross the forhead. Horns are painted black also. Hemp rope wrapped around the base of then, with turkey feathers hangin on both sides, and wooden beads on one side... Looks real nice under is triple-mirror indian pictures... Only one I have actually hangin for looks right now.
I get the designs from a TribleDesign book I bought, it has some neat stuff in it. The design on the Yellow and Red came from there also.
Anyways, glad you liked em. Im looking forward to doing some more. Hopefulling saling them sometime also.
Off to bed for me, got stuff to do 2morrow....

Posted by: Fox Hunter

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 09/20/02 03:17 AM

Hi Amy

Apologies for the late response, I have only just found this website. When I'm boiling out skulls here in the UK, I use a baby Burco its a stainless steel contraption that we use to boil water for tea making at our english fairs, church fete's etc. It was my wifes' but I pinched it LOL good job she doesn't venture to far into the garage LOL. We boil pretty much as you guys do but what we do here with peroxide is as follows:

It is very difficult to get peroxide here, the govt think its carceogenic and wont sell it so ALWAYS where gloves ok! I get cos my darling is a dentist and she is authorised to use it at 40%.

Any way what I do is this, Soak cotton wool balls, you know the kind, the ones you ladies use in removing make up? in peroxide and place them all over the skull and keep them moist by ladelling the peroxide over them for a day. The skull should come up all white. As peroxide is scarce here we recycle it also, after doing your skull tip the peroxide back in the bottle for the next time.

Hope this helps, best wishes Fox hunter.
Posted by: Amy Partlow

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 09/20/02 10:19 AM

Thanks Fox Hunter...
I like that idea about the cotten balls. Seems like it is more conservative on the P40. I will have to try that. I just got a new one from a freind, and its ugly and filthy, needs some good cleanin to it. Its worth it tho, its a pretty good lookin skull. My problem is right now tho, we just moved, and I seemed to have misplaced my P40 at the other house. Gonna have to get me some new stuff. I get it pretty cheap tho. A friend of mine does hair here, and she orders it for me. I only pay $10 for like a litter sized bottle. Im gonna put off all my painting and stuff tho for the next month. Got to much wedding stuff on my list right now. Got 3 more weeks to go, thank goodness. Im excited tho, and ready for it to be over with all at the same time.
Thanks for the advice!!

Posted by: Fox Hunter

Re: Bleaching Skulls - 09/20/02 04:53 PM

Hi Amy

Congrats on your pending wedding, he sure is a lucky guy to have you if you love the outdoors...... women like that are a rare breed here LOL

Glad I could be of help. I hope life treats you both kind and you get everything you dream of.