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Integrity is a word commonly used in today's advertising; unfortunately it is all too commonly only a word. We see a picture or read about the new, improved widget, only to find after we spend hard earned dollars on it, it ain't what it's supposed to be.

I have spent over 40 years calling wildlife, most of it for recreation, but I am presently guiding /outfitting for predators and migratory birds. It takes years to assemble an arsenal of calls that work and are user friendly. I finally found out about the Cronk howler and ordered one. I didn't have to wait a month for delivery or make a half dozen calls to find out what the problem was. It arrived promptly and looked just like the picture.
I live in a rural area and we have a small post office. I opened the package in the post office. The people that were there at the time are cattle ranchers, so they recognized the cowhorn. I hadn't heard the instructional tape yet, but I put the call to my lips and blew. Those people have heard enough coyotes to recognize the sound. Very hair raising.
I have put this call to the test. I've called in -30C to +20C no problems, no freeze up. I've called when I've been busted going to a stand. Dead coyotes. I've called when nothing else was working. Dead coyotes. I've used it to locate. It works as advertised.

I do use other calls, but this is the only howler I use. This call is everything Rich Cronk says it is. It works and it is easy to use. Do I like it? You bet. Would I recommend it? Without reservation.
Integrity, what a concept!

Jim Renaud
Hanna, Alberta Canada
Merlin Adventures

I dreamt about owning a Rich Cronk Custom Cowhorn Howler for two years before I placed my order, and I am thankful I finally did. Rich's howler sounds absolutely fantastic. It is without a doubt the most
realistic sounding and easiest to blow howler I have ever owned. I would personally recommend this howler to anyone seeking the very best in quality and craftmanship. I know you would not be disappointed with your investment in a Rich Cronk Custom Cowhorn Howler.

Mark Peterson
South Dakota

My name is Ray England. Here in Texas, theirs an open season on coyotes. I love to hunt so I thought I'd give hunting and calling them a try. I started in late October with a Tape player and a distress tape. This netted me two called in, none shot. Then I decided I wanted to try calling them in with hand calls. The first hand call I purchased was an open reed distress. This worked well but I needed something different. I then decided to save and spend a bit more money on a custom call. That is when I started looking into Cronk's Custom Calls.

I joined Predator Masters in Oct of 2001 and gained valuable information on how to hunt and call the wiley coyote into range. On this site one of the other members makes custom calls, Rich Cronk. I sent Rich an e-mail making an order for one of his cow horn howlers, and mailed the check. I couldn't wait to get my new Cronk howler. I received my howler in less than two weeks and listened to the informative instruction tape that was shipped with it. I practiced in the back yard and had all the neighbors' porch lights on and their dogs barking. Rich was right about it sounding so real.

The first time I used it in conjunction with my distress calls. I would blow a lonesome howl, wait for an answer and then go to a distressed rabbit call, if nothing came in I'd give another howl just before exiting the stand. This Cronk Howler is in my opinion the best call in my call bag. If it weren't for this call I don't think I'd have had near as many coyotes respond as I had this first season calling coyotes.

I know this howler works a lot better than my ability to use it, but it's not hard to get the sounds needed to call coyotes in. The last part of February and early March, I used it exclusively. I had more coyotes respond all bristled up and looking for a fight. They would come in hard and fast looking for the intruder.

I would recommend this howler to anybody that wants to get coyotes to come to the call. It is an awesome call and it is a beautifully hand crafted piece of work that works! It's user friendly and coyote poison.

Ray England
West Texas

In my opinion the Cronk howler is the best I've ever used. In the short time I've used my howler, I've had more responses than with four other howlers combined. They are as close as you can get to being four legged and furry! I do believe they are the best you can get, and well worth the $$$$$. I can say that the killer call is awesome, incredible sounds and I've had very good luck with it so far.

Clinton Barnes
New Mexico

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