If you're a dedicated hunter or photographer and you'd like to get really close to wild animals & birds, please read on. Rather than trying to sneak up on the wildlife, why not have them come to you? I've been calling wild animals and birds for many years. I know how difficult it is to "sneak" up on animals; it's practically impossible. My years as a predator hunter have taught me one thing, in order to get close to my quarry, fool them into thinking I'm a prey animal. Predator hunters have been calling in game for years, with mixed results. Part of the problem is the lack of attention in the making of the calls. There are many calls made by folks that have never seen a coyote, let alone heard one. I handcraft each and every one of my calls to perfection, each call is made by me and no one else. Even the custom molded calls have reeds that are cut and installed by yours truly. Each molded call is individually tuned by me. I utilize the finest materials found anywhere. As a hunter myself, I demand superior performance from my calls.

If you're a serious predator caller, you'll be happy to learn that we've recently developed the most effective predator call on the market today. Ask any owner of a "Killer Call", they'll be happy to tell you the results they've experienced. The Killer Call is of reed design, with its own reed protector. The Killer Call is capable of producing the most realistic sounding distress cries found anywhere today, second only to the real thing.

The Cronk Killer Call

Antler Call



Three models of Cronk calls are now being custom molded from space age polymer. Each and every custom molded call will be assembled and fine tuned by Rich Cronk before the calls are shipped to the customer. The new custom molded antler call is very loud and has realistic tone. It produces a wide range of sounds from fawn bawls to very high pitched puppy squeals and rodent squeaks.


The new Molded Antler Call


The new Custom Molded Howler


The new Molded Killer Call


The Cronk Cow Horn Howler was developed with the serious predator control person in mind. People tasked with controlling predation problems on ranches and in communities. Those "in the know" have been using howlers to locate coyotes for years. They've learned that coyotes will respond to howls, believing them to be trespassing coyotes in their turf. Not only will they howl back, but oftentimes respond with great speed to the location of the howler. Cronk Cow Horn Howlers are tuned to sound so lifelike, that some will get goose bumps just listening to the howlers sound. The eerie howl of the coyote has a way of getting your attention. If you want a proven howler, a howler that'll fool even the most wary of coyote, look no further, The Cronk Cow Horn Howler has proven to be a coyote getter.


The New Cronk Cow Horn Howler is shown here with a reed protector.


The Cronk Cow Horn Howler with reed protector will be available on a limited "special order" basis. The standard Cronk howlers will come with reed body carved directly into the horn. Howlers with delrin reed body will be available on special order basis also. Polished cow horns of correct wall thickness and nice straight, upward curve are becoming harder to find. Buffalo horn is my horn of choice now, even though I must do all of the sanding and polishing myself. The standard Cronk Howlers, whether you choose buffalo or cow horn will be the same price. If you have a preference in horn type, please let me know.

Cronk Cow Horn coyote howlers.

Cronk Buffalo Horn coyote howlers.

"Deer Antler Predator Calls"
These open reed calls are variable pitch and will not fail to work even in the coldest of weather. To hear one or more of these calls, just click on the sounds below.

Bird Distress
Pup Distress
Cottontail Distress
Killer Call


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* Killer Call $30.00

Standard Horn Howler $60.00

Reed Protector Horn Howler $75.00

LR Antler $30.00

Custom Molded Antler $20.00

Custom Molded Killer $30.00

Custom Molded Howler $40.00

S&H $5.00

Instruction CD included upon request

Howlers and killer calls will come with extra reed and a camo lanyard

* Killer Call Orders please note: Please state your preference for molded or hand made Killer Call. If you do not state your preference, your order will be filled with whichever call is in inventory at that time. Thank you

I accept orders by phone and snail mail. Money Orders and Checks only please.
Please make payable to Rich Cronk. To send me an e-mail, click the link below.

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