Snow camo AR?

Posted by: Tinker01

Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 04:04 PM

Are there any snow camo AR out there straight from the factory. If so what brand? Thx
Posted by: Dultimatpredator

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 04:37 PM

DPMS made an Aric Panther. You can always looks for a used one or send it in for camo dipping if no luck.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 04:50 PM

Snow camo is cool but in my area we don't get enough snow to merit having one. I did have an H-S Precision stock dipped one time that turned out nice. Its a nice option if you can't find a factory rifle. There's always a DIY paint job with Krylon. I've done several of them that turned out really nice.
Posted by: Dark moon 63

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 07:21 PM

Buds guns had one in 204 just before the virus but I can't remember the make. The day I was serious it was sold and haven't seen one since.
Posted by: Hellgate

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 07:39 PM

Just get some white Coban or VetWrap and"bandage" your rifle for the winter then remove it with the thaw. The wrap only adheres to itself so it leaves no residue. It is only a couple bucks a roll. Check with your local vet clinic or farm supply as a source.
Posted by: baitpile

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/19/21 08:30 PM

Olympic Arms, or maybe it was Windham, had one. Giant, heavy, monster though!
Posted by: case-nh

Re: Snow camo AR? - 05/28/21 04:56 PM

+1 on the Vet Wrap or Camo Form wrap.
Posted by: mnblaster

Re: Snow camo AR? - 06/01/21 10:38 PM

I hunt in the winter in MN, my black rifle has never been picked out by an incoming coyote
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: Snow camo AR? - 06/01/21 10:46 PM

At night anyway,daytime snow you need to match.
Posted by: bohunr

Re: Snow camo AR? - 06/02/21 10:50 PM

if they get close enough to spot your gun, they should be dead.
Posted by: AWS

Re: Snow camo AR? - 06/03/21 04:42 PM

Having lived in NW MN for a number of years, there are enough fence posts, brush and branches that total white isn't needed. a few wraps of athletic tape will break up the profile of your rifle.
Posted by: hitman2565

Re: Snow camo AR? - 11/23/21 08:35 PM

I had a snow camo furniture set listed at one time but there wasn't any interest in it.
Posted by: Roscoehd

Re: Snow camo AR? - 11/27/21 08:26 AM

DPMS Prairie Panther, in Kings Snow Camo, just so happens I have 1, I would be willing to part with. It has a shaw barrel and JP trigger.
Posted by: AWS

Re: Snow camo AR? - 11/27/21 03:15 PM

You can get a 14 rolls of white vet wrap for $14 on Amazon.