Male red tonight

Posted by: 1trkyhntr

Male red tonight - 12/02/19 08:07 PM

I decided to go for a few quick stands tonight despite the high wind.
First 2 stands were blank, on the 3rd stand I set the call out and did a quick scan with the rifle before I played a sound. I saw this red out maybe 400 yds in the field. I hit Vole Squeaks and he came right in, angling downwind. He stopped at about 80 yds and was trying to wind the call. I killed him there. What a difference the clarity of the scope was tonight was compared to last night with the high humidity. I ID'd him as a fox all the way out at about 400 yds. These Trijicon MK3's are amazing.
Posted by: AdamT

Re: Male red tonight - 12/02/19 09:55 PM

Mr. Consistency strikes again. Congratulations on a good looking red. Took some guts to get out in that wind if itís like it was here yesterday.
Posted by: Pa. Mick

Re: Male red tonight - 12/03/19 06:43 AM

Awesome season your having, congrats !
Posted by: docjon2013

Re: Male red tonight - 12/03/19 08:25 AM

Wish in OK we could hunt at night.