Which calls best for Eastern black Bear?

Posted by: Tackdriver

Which calls best for Eastern black Bear? - 06/30/01 09:31 AM

If it is legal, I will take my JS 512 caller on my bear hunt. What tapes work well on black bear? How long should you spend on a stand? Do they have any certain habits I should be aware of? How is their eyesight and sense of smell? A lot of questions I know.

Thanks in advance

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Posted by: timberking

Re: Which calls best for Eastern black Bear? - 06/30/01 02:56 PM

I've called them in with fawn distress tapes and bear cub distress tapes as well as adult deer distress (on my foxpro). I use a feather flex "fearless fawn" decoy to hold their attention,but i plan on buying a feather flex "bedded doe" decoy to use also. Spend AT LEAST a half hour per stand with an hour being a better bet. I like to call around 10 year old clear cuts,apple orchards and anywhere else i've seen fresh bear sighn. Watch the wind if they smell you they are gone! But then again i called a bear in for my buddy last fall(which he shot)and it came running in with the wind to it's back and only stopped when it was about five yards from the decoy. Where good camo,be still,wait at least a half hour per stand,hunt where the bears are and you WILL have some luck. Maybe if Curt is reading this he'll post one of my pics so you can see what a called bear looks like