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New forum - 04/13/01 12:17 PM

I saw this new forum and figured I'd get it started.We dont have any big cats or bears where I live but we have bobcats.I haven't got one in but I've found their tracks.Dose anyone have any good tips for bringing in a bobcat?

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Re: New forum - 04/13/01 12:52 PM

Bobcats are always a good subject for discussion.

Calling in bobcats isnít one of lifeís mysteries but compared to other predators, like coyotes and fox, the manner in which bobcats respond to a call is much different. Course there are always exception to the rule but bobcats have a well known habit of stalking the call instead of charging right in like the other predators often do.

Take advantage of this trait when calling in cat country by making your stands a bit longer than when calling coyotes. Bobcats love to sneak their way into the stand Ė many times youíll just notice them sitting there looking you over; seemingly coming out of the clear blue sky.

One of the most productive sounds for bobcats has been the woodpecker tape; cats sure like the sound for some reason. But Iíve called in a ton of bobcats using the rabbit sounds too.

I live in Arizona, so when I want to focus on bobcats, Iíll pick rocky areas that contain a lot of thick brush too. Be forewarned that grey fox love this type of setup as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

Bobcats are experts at using cover to approach a caller - many times a predator caller will call them in and never even know it....

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Re: New forum - 04/13/01 07:21 PM

My goodness, Will. Who would have guessed? I already see a misunderstanding, here.

The title of this forum should be "Lions" and bears, rather than Cats and bears.

Any, and all questions concerning bobcat, are more than welcome, under the all inclusive Predator Forum.

Good hunting. LB
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Re: New forum - 04/13/01 09:15 PM


Yeah... you're right I guess.

It is a territory thing, do I sense you protecting your turf?

For the sake of the sport, I'll give them little cats back to the Predator Hunting forum.

In order that I save face here in front of everybody, I'll claim that this exercise was merely a test designed to test your's and Wiley's reaction. You passed...

I'll fix it first chance I get....