Your missin out!!!

Posted by: Duane@ssu

Your missin out!!! - 08/28/12 10:59 PM

I try to stay out of politics, but if you are not hearin the Chris Christie speach, you are missin out. I wish he was on the ticket. 7:57 local time here.
Posted by: DoubleCK

Re: Your missin out!!! - 08/28/12 11:24 PM

He is the real deal, for sure! Great speech. Important race!
Posted by: bigtrucker

Re: Your missin out!!! - 08/29/12 01:15 PM

They all can make good speechs. Like my Dad always said "Talks cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey."
Posted by: Dasher

Re: Your missin out!!! - 08/29/12 01:52 PM

If Mitt Romney lives his religion like I believe he does. I would trust him 100% just like his wife says you can. Yes, I must be a Mormon. smile

I'll bet Mr. Romney will surround himself with people like Ryan,Christie, and a bunch of others with common sense and integrity.
Posted by: gonzaga

Re: Your missin out!!! - 08/30/12 10:25 PM

One thing for certain. Romney couldn't do any worse or be more inept than the guy that he's running against.

In my short time on this earth I have NEVER seen a president as bad as this guy!!! Why did he get that Nobel Peace Prize again?
Posted by: Duane@ssu

Re: Your missin out!!! - 09/02/12 12:26 AM

I agree talk is cheap, but after 3+ years of (I have nothing nice to put here) I'm willin to take a chance on anyone. I watched or listened to all the "big speeches" for 3 nights..... they at least make a guy feel like there is hope for change. not "hope I have change left after they take everything". Just my thoughts.