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For Predator Masters: By Robert Cobb

Okay folks, you asked for it, you got it. One of the most popular topics in Predator Masters Electronic Calls Forum is how to make an e-caller. While most of us will be more than willing to shell out a few bucks for a Foxpro, JS512 or many of the other models available out there for e-calling, some of us would rather take a weekend, sit in the garage for a little while and fashion ourselves up an homemade caller. You get the same satisfaction as someone who calls in a coyote with a homemade hand call. You made the calls by using techniques found in previous articles here on Predator Masters, you downloaded all the tools and started your own album of calls, now it's time to build. Our own Robert Cobb; also known as Stretch on the forums, has again given all of us some pointers on the how-to of making your own boom box of sounds. Enjoy! The Predator Masters

To build your own E-caller, you'll need several items, which are readily available from your local Radio Shack. These are itemized below along with parts numbers and price, where known.

  • Radio Shack #4202420 cable, 6' long with 1/8" male mono plugs at each end ($2.69 + tax)
  • Radio Shack #9100774 Mono plug to Stereo Jack Inline Adaptor (.99 + tax)
  • Radio Shack #4202434 cable, 6' long with 1/8" male plug on one end and stripped at the other end ($2.49 + tax)
  • Radio Shack #4001440 4"x6" Power horn, $19.99 can be caught on sale for $14.99 + tax
  • A Tape player, CD player or Mp3 player (Good Quality is a must)
  • A soldering iron and solder.
  • Speaker amp or small amplifier.

Now to assemble everything…

  1. Using your soldering iron, solder the stripped Power horn Speaker wire (#4001440) to the stripped end of the 6' cable (#4202434).
  2. Now plug the soldered speaker wire into the EXT SPKR jack on the side of the pocket amp.
  3. With the remaining 6' cord (#4202420) attach the Mono plug to Stereo Jack Inline Adaptor (#9100774) to one end of the cable and plug this end into the other available jack on the speaker amp. (Thanks Robb)
  4. With the other end of the 6' cable, plug it into your sound source (CD player, Tape player or Mp3 player)
  5. Insert your CD or Tape and get ready for the action!
That's all there is to making your own basic electronic caller. You may choose to mount your electronics inside of a box or bag of some kind to protect them from getting beat up in the field, use your imagination and let us know what you come up with so others may benefit from your ideas. I've included some pictures of my own setup, with a few details annotated that might help you out a little in the construction. Please feel free to join us in the Electronic Calls Forum and ask any question you'd like. We have a lot of folks in there that have all sorts of experience in making e-callers.

I plan on also sending information for making your electronic caller remote controlled, which will give you even more options on it's use as well as more options for making your own calls with immediate response playing abilities. So until then, Good Luck!!

Robert Cobb (Stretch)

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