Some of what you're seeing could be a case of not enough twist, say in the instance of an 80 gr .224 (didn't mention what bullet or what it's bc is, which is important), if it starts to lose stabilization at longer ranges. A barely stabilized bullet will get picked apart by wind, just like a quarterback not throwing tight spirals will have a tougher time in the wind than one that does. I didn't run the numbers on this last comparison so I don't know how it should turn out.

I don't know how to explain what you're seeing out there, because my experience, and anything I've ever read about (up till today lol) is exactly opposite. Thus the reason long sleek bullets and faster twists are all the rage, so people can get predictable results at extended range.

At any rate, agreeing to disagree is probably the best outcome here, talking to a wall is a good analogy.

Are you in the southern hemisphere by any chance? I heard things spin backwards down there lol lol
photobucket sucks