My uncles first load he made up for that 20BR, was a 39gr Sierra. 43 or 4400fps.

It drifted less that 5Ē at 500 yards.

Youíre saying an 80gr at 3500, does less.

And Iím telling you without a doubt, thatís not the case. At all. Iíve seen it. So have tons of others. Itís like ďhow in the heck does it do thatĒ. But it does it.

I feel like Iím talking to a wall.

What Iím saying is this..

If he takes his 20BR and holds dead center of a target with a 5-10pm cross wind at 400. You take a 80gr at 3500 and do the same, and youíll see that Iím right lol

Yíall can have your opinions. Thatís great. Iím not saying at all that itís ďdumbĒ or any of that. Whatsoever. Iíll agree to disagree because this is going nowhere lol
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