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I guess I see what you’re saying, to an extent. But I do know for an absolute fact, without a doubt, that my 204 drifts less than my 223 AI, and my 220 Swift, at 400.

Part of the problem with your argument is you can't make broad sweeping claims like the above without giving specifics.

In an earlier post you said "I'm science and I'm reality" well the physics of your claim/s are only supported when you are comparing apples and oranges. I used your .20 cal 40gr 4000fps VS .22 Cal 80gr 3500fps example and the physics doesn't support your claim, actually, it wasn't even close and beyond 400 yards the 3500fps 80gr left the 4000 40gr in the dust.

Also, maybe it's just how I'm reading some of these posts but drop and drift are two entirely different things.