I never said it was. Not once.

All I said, was mathematically, yes. That’s correct.

By physics, and real world shooting, my own and a ton of others experience isn’t that way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s caliber to caliber, or different calibers.

A 130gr out of a 7mm Mag is obviously lighter, and faster than my 300 win mag with a 150gr… 7mm drifts way less.

My 243 AI, with 69gr Nosler is faster and lighter than my 90-100gr loads… 69gr drifts less.

I had a target at 408 yards. My 204 AI with 40gr and my Uncles 20BR with 32gr….

We had a 10-11pm cross wind coming out of the west, blowing straight left to right. The rock I picked out on the left side of the target was where I held and was slapping the target. His 20BR, just on the edge of the target was his hold. Lighter bullet, little more velocity, less drift.

So you tell me.
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