I under what youíre saying. I do. But thatís still not what Iím getting at either.

A guy from around here shot a 1200yd completion, with a 7mm Mag. 130gr match bullet. Drifted less than a 150 and a 180gr.

My 300 Win mag, shooting 150gr Noslers, drifts far less at 700 then a 180gr AB or ELD.

My 243 AI shooting 69gr Noslers, drifts much less at 400-450 then a 100gr.

Same for my 200 Swift. Same for my 204.

Iím not talking about caliber differences persay. I just used those as examples because of the previous post.

Comparing one caliber to another, or comparing different bullet weights in the same caliber, either wayÖ Heavier bullet weight, bucking the wind better, isnít always the case. Like you said - Speed + B.C -

I can post a link thatís a really good read, if you want to get into crazy detail with it.
Austin Laughlin - Laughlin Guide Service - Missouri

Speed Kills

Rem700 - 223AI
M77 - 220 Swift
Rem700 - 204 AI
CZ527 - 17 rem
Rem700 - 243AI