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I understand that. I know it’s kind of “stating the obvious”. But the whole “heavier bucks the wind better” isn’t the case.

Form factor being the same, heavier for caliber buck the wind better. That's what most are meaning when they say that.

I shoot a fair amount of 204, and always used the 32's above 4k at pdogs. Without a doubt, the 40's at 3800 buck the wind better and catch the 32s in drop before 200 yds. That's the type of comparison most are making when they say heavier bucks the wind better.

I've also shot a lot of 243 over the years. 58's at 3800 have their place for sure, in fact I'm working on a rifle to do that right now. But for wind bucking, 87 vmax at 3100 clean the floor with them.
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