I guess I see what you’re saying, to an extent. But I do know for an absolute fact, without a doubt, that my 204 drifts less than my 223 AI, and my 220 Swift, at 400.

A buddy of mine, DAA knows him well, Jason Thee from NE. Used to hunt with my dad with the Coyote Gods. We used to go up there 2 or 3 times a year and shoot PD. My Swift, his 22-250, and my dads 223 AI, all drifted more at 400 than my 204 AI did. . And I have more people that seen it as well.

Shooting PD’s at 300-450 yards, with a 5-10mph cross wind, my hold over was MUCH less than theirs. That’s a 40gr Nosler in my 204 AI.

-55gr in the 22-250
-50gr in the 220 Swift
-53gr in the 223 AI

My 243 AI and the 6x47 I had, was still more hold over and both of those were/are 69gr.

I’m not at all telling you what you “don’t know”. And I hope it doesn’t come off that way whatsoever. Because that’s not my intentions.

My 223 AI shooting a 40gr at 4000, drops much more than my 204 AI shooting the same bullet at almost identical speeds.

My 204 AI with the 40gr af 4000, without a doubt drifts less at 300-500 yards than my 223 AI, my swift, and my 243 AI.
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