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This may sound ridiculous to some people.. and I may get smoked for this comment lol..

The “heavier bullet bucking the wind better” I can see the theory. But I’m science, and I’m reality, I don’t see that being the case.

A 32gr or 40gr bullet going 4000+ would “buck the wind” better than a 60,70,80gr bullet. Less surface area, less drag. And speed, speed plays a huge roll for me. The faster it gets there, the less time it’s in the air, which means the less time it has to be effected by the wind.

I dunno if that makes a lick of sense to anyone. But I’ve shot thousands of rounds, with people like my gunsmith, who’s broke multiple world records.. and he lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes LR and ELR shooting.

A bullet going 4000fps is going to get to the target faster than a bullet going 3500. That’s a given. Which means it’s in the air less time, and means it has less time for air to effect it.

My 204 shooting 10gr less bullet weight, doesn’t drift NEAR as far, as my 223. Or even my 220 swift for that matter.

Your theory really only applies in either extreme differences of bullet BC and or relatively shorter distances. When you start getting beyond around 400 yards it starts favoring the heavier higher BC bullets. On the windage side of things heavier starts winning within 100 yards.

Take a 40gr Berger in a 204 leaving at 4000fps and compare it to a 22cal 80 berger launching at 3500. Up to 300 yards the 4000 fps 40gr VS 3500 fps 80gr the TOF is already nearly identical and the 40gr only drops 1 inch less but in a 10mph crosswind the 40gr drifts double the distance of that 80 grainer and from 400 yards on out the 80gr walks away from the 4000fps 40.