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I would like to try a 22-250 some time. But comparing velocity, it should only gain maybe 100 yds on a 223? I guess with equal barrel length. So my question is how is 223 weak at 120 yds, but 22-250 with the same bullet a killer at 350? FYI 243 is my current favorite but I don't kill near the numbers you guys do.

The .243 has more impressive ballistics. My brother shoots an 87 grain V-Max out of his or a 90 grain softpoint. Does really well putting coyotes down and not tearing up fur. One of my buddies shoots a 58 grain V-Max out of his. It's not so fur friendly but that don't go nowhere. I'd rather shoot a heavier bullet to buck the wind better myself. Both will kill a coyote stone dead.

I like my 22-250 just fine although I shoot my .223 more. If you compare ballistics between the two the 22-250 is basically doing at 400 yards what a .223 is at 300. Pretty close anyway.
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