The 22-250 has been a proven coyote killer for years. The .243 is a better all-around cartridge for deer and bigger game. There are tons of bullets in the .224 and .243 but I just never found one that I fell in love with on the 6mm/243 that was fur friendly along with DRTs. I have always had good luck with Berger Target Match bullets. After temporarily shelving, the 22-250 for some other wildcat cartridges, I came back to it about 4 years ago. I now have a bolt chambered in 22-250 and an AR10 in 22-250. I have lots of other coyote calibers and have used .17 Rem,.204, .223 and many more, but in the end, to me the 22-250 will always be king for coyotes. Yes, the .223 is much cheaper to reload but I would rather have more range, better knock-down, and recover more coyotes than save a little on ammo. I know fur prices are down this year, but it is still good to have a gun that doesn't tear a coyote apart for when you want to save some pelts or later when prices rebound.
Korey Kirschenmann
Night Goggles Product Specialist