Strange to me, but when it comes to killing coyotes a 223 doesn't get the job done. This has been argued a million + times. I'd be willing to bet that there have been more coyotes killed with a 223 than any cartridge on the planet.

But of the three choices and I could only pick one. It would probably be the 22-250. With the right twist barrel you can get speed, distance and moderate barrel life. It might cost a little more to reload because it uses more powder. Ackley Improve it and get a boost in velocity and longer brass life but it will shorten the barrel life a little. In the long run, its not so much what caliber and bullet you use as where you put the bullet. Bullet placement is what matters the most.

Before I hit the submit button I scrolled back up and read the OP's second post where he says he lives in the suburbs and not much room to cut loose with a center fire. If that's the case, get a 12 gauge shotgun.

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