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I have thought of getting a Winchester Featherweight in 22-250, just really like the look of that light weight rifle. A .243 is also interesting, but that is a larger case, and I was thinking of a round that would use less powder. I am in the suburbs outside Baltimore, so we have plenty of varmints, if you know what I mean. But not much space to cut loose with a centerfire rifle!

My choice would be based off of what I call in most where I hunt. Foxes,bobcats or coyotes and how much damage I want to do to them. How far I'm shooting,day or night calling,etc.

If I was calling in mostly foxes with the occasional coyote or bobcat thrown in there I'd most likely choose a .17 of some sort. Which one would depend on the distance I shoot most often. If I wasn't worried about saving fur I'd bump it up to a .223 if I wasn't shooting long distances.

If I was primarily huntin at night I'd choose a .224Valkyrie for saving fur, 6mm ARC if I wasn't and it'd be in an AR platform because of lower recoil and quick follow up shots especially if I was primarily calling in foxes. Not only that but they're both known to be flat shooting cartridges which is helpful at night. Especially hunting with a light because distance can be deceiving under those conditions.

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