If I had to choose, prolly the 204. As much as I absolutely love the 223 round, especially Improved.. The 204 has Less wind drift. Great B.C. Stupid flat, and wild fast.

My first calling rifle was a 223. Iíve still got it. Itís Ackley Improved, and it really makes the 223 shine. People can dog it all they want too, but my AI with 53gr Hornadys has bang-flopped-dead more coyotes than any of my other rifles put together. Iíve killed them at 20 and Iíve killed them at 505, DRT. I always said if I only had to have one, itíd be my 223 AI.. ButÖ

The 204 does the same thing, just that much better. If you want to save fur, and really knock the snot out of one, itíll do both. Fast, Flat, and Accurate.. And the 204 is all 3!

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Speed Kills

Rem700 - 223AI
M77 - 220 Swift
Rem700 - 204 AI
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