Hello first post.(I was a member some years back thanks to everyone who make this place possible) title says it all. I've always wanted a jagd.a buddy had one. I haven't ever had a hunting dog. and haven't had a dog for quite a few year's I traveled a lot.

after covid I lost my job. and just took pretty good job locally. my son's 10 and wanted a dog. so we lucked out found a half jagd(father) Half patterdale. both were full blooded papered dog's. and he's a good looking little guy about 10 weeks old.

like to use him as decoy dog and blood trailing. we got pigs around. but I don't know if I wanna use em for that. ive had a lot of friends lose dog's and it would upset my, boy.

sad to say this is the first dog we've had at my house. so it's a big deal. we got him on ppp puppy food for now. and just gonna run and play for now. but any books video's or info on training him would help. new world to us. thank's to all.