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Psycho dog, you're the kind of person I'm talking to. You should stop hunting or go practice. Maybe then you'd have a few thousand less posts and a lot fewer missed or wounded animals. If you can't hit the can 20/20 you should be embarrassed!

LOL, I get plenty of range time. I'm the rifle range chairman at my gun club. Usually there 3-7 times a week. Sometimes working and sometimes shooting but trust me, I get plenty of range time. Those that know me know how I shoot. I'm just saying most...including me might have a tough time hitting 20/20 pop cans off shooting sticks at 100yds. Give me a decent rifle rest and there won't be a problem. As far as wounding animals, I take sensible shots at reasonable distances. If I think its to far away, I don't shoot. Been a long time since I wounded anything. Not counting your feelings. unsure

Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.