If you put a decent type bullet from a 223 where it is supposed to go the result is a dead coyote usually DRT. Certainly, marginal hits will mean runners, spinners, and some losers. I've always wondered on these discussions of the 223 why so many have bad experiences with it, but at least a portion of those people will tell you the 222 Rem. was and still is a great medium range coyote cartridge. Hard to believe it can be both ways.

I'm tending to believe that perhaps it is because the triple deuce is usually a bolt-action whereas a high percentage of 223's are AR's. Perhaps those fast follow up shots available with an AR may keep some from taking as careful first shot as they would with a bolt-action, and then with the AR it is easy to go into the spray and pray mode. Just a thought I have, and may not be valid, but I suspect it is in some cases.

I do like the AR for night calling and really enjoy the 6x45, but you still have to hit them in vital places.
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