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Here's a couple of quick videos of coyotes shot with an Stag AR-15 with 16" barrel. Load was 50 gr. V-max at about 3,100 fps. Range 100 yds.

Here is another one, same rifle same load.

It's not the caliber that is the problem. Put good ammo where it is supposed to go, and you will get good results.

That’s awesome! Gotta use my photon XT one of these days! Bought it and never used it.

what are you shooting those out of a heated deer stand with a concrete shooting bench in it. yeah if I have that much time to make a shoot, a 22 LR would probably get the job done.

no one thinks if things go perfect with the shot a 223 can't work. The problem is most hunters don't make perfect hits everytime. When you have shot 100's of coyotes with 22-250's or 243's and been there when others have done it. Then you see yourself and others needing more and more finishing shots with 223's the only conclusion is it aint nuff gun sometimes.

Actually I have shot hundreds with everything from a 17 Rem to 308 Win. My favorite caliber is the 243 with either a 55 gr. Nosler or 58 V-max, but for most of my night calling I use an AR in 6x45 with the 55 gr. Nosler BT, but right now I am shooting an AR in 223 with 50 gr. V-max for calling. I get tired of shooting the same thing all the time.
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