Every coyote Iíve shot with a 223 has been bang flops except for one due to poor shot placement. I hit it high across the back. Never did recover it. I saw it the next day in the same area limping with a moon shape chunk missing out it.

My load 60 grain vmax with 25 grains of benchmark. Runs 2850 FPS out of my 14.5Ē POF and about another 125 FPS faster out of my 20Ē LTR.

Extremely poor shot placement is your problem as everyone who read the post can clearly see and have told you. Any plastic tipped bullet is your friend with this caliber. Aim for the shoulder on standing coyotes and they wonít go anywhere. If you canít stop them to stop for standing still shot then donít shoot. Youíll harvest less dogs but at least your DRT count will rise. Iíd tell you practice, practice, practice...or leave the rifle at home and pick up a shotgun along with some lead BB shot.

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