Shot some rounds through water jugs after I figured our my loading problems with the GS Customs (compressed load+ less surface area= bullet sliding forward) and got some pretty cool bullet pulls out of water bottles. While maybe not the best way to capture bullet deformation at least we stacked containers up in the same order. The local grocery store somehow got sold out of drinkingwater 1.5 gallon containers.

Anyway after having to seat the GS custom to 2.16 OAL, I'm thinking of calling the owner and asking what the extra length would get me in weight since I'd like something heavier than 67gr for deer. Either way I really liked the expansion and uniformity of it. Grouping was pretty good too.

I also weighed them. The game king weighed 33.9gr of the 90gr

original weight. Being that it started as a varmint round I'd

like to try it again and try to catch more bits of it. The GS

Custom weighed in at 66.9 of the original 67grains it started


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