30.5gr AR COMP
67gr GS Custom
SSA brass (35.9gr capacity)
2.27" OAL

200 yard range was the only thing that was open and since I was just checking for speed and functionality of the powder above and 8208 it was fine. Was pretty windy, so I'll really be looking forward to what this load can do when it is calm
This was the AR COMP, the top right was a 31.5 load to check for node speed.

Both 8208 and ARCOMP cycled fine, had no pressure signs FPS were as follows:

30.8gr of 8208XBR 3 shot average of 3053

30.5gr of ARCOMP 3 shot average of 3123

I'll be loading more up of the ARCOMP and heading back out soon

Thanks for all the input earlier.

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