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I'm not surprised 4227 will not cycle your AR. Port pressure has to be awful low with that fast of a burning powder. Try 8208 or something in that range and your issues will go away.

The creator of the bullets says to start work with the max load (seemed goofy to me, so I just smaller ladders to look for pressure) but didn't see any extreme signs once I got to max with the 4227. Would getting a copy of quickload allow me to enter my case capacity, barrel length, etc. in to build a custom cartridge?

QL is nice as a what if tool. It does not always reflect real world numbers. I like to run it with known data to see if it is close. If so I will use the data as a general set of parameters but I don't blithely just jump on the numbers it generates. It is fascinating to plug in loads that some guys shoot. The eye opening pressures give me palpitations. It can be off but at times you know what they are running is very real and very scary.

We do use it early on in wildcat design but only as a part of the puzzle.