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What are you expecting for speeds? I looked at GS's website and don't find this bullet. 85 is the lightest.
Just loaded the first rung but after giving him all the pertinent data he sent back a speed of 3300 with IMR 4227 but we will see once it passed over the magneto speed. His part number is 257067HV. Kind of odd but he suggests starting at max because of the drive bands. I started emailing him thinking the 85 was the ticket (maybe a bit more speed than the gameking) and a better hunting bullet but he said it was too long of a protrusion.

Shot my first two trials (odd finding speed before accuracy). I got 3100fps out of 25gr of IMR 4227 and about 3128 out of 25.2. Odd thing is that I'm getting failure to eject/extract (didn't get to see if the bolt was cycling since I was shooting by myself). Odd because I never had any problems with any of the other load development.