My loads are basically what you already came up with. The LR stuff was really good. I will have to try the 80 grain TTSX. It's not that I don't believe your info at all, I just like to play around. 8208 may be the ticket for it. No magic powder , I know, but I can hope.
My barrel is a different countour. Mine is .750 at the gas block then .730 to the muzzle. I asked Mike about last week and he advised he did'nt know if he had room to make them adjustable. But we can help. I have a CS extra strenth buffer spring from,I think JP Enterprises. That may help a little. I may go the adj. block route just cause I can, but I like the 25 DTI written on my gas block, not really a good reason not to change it, I know.
Deer season here opened yesterday but I work weekends and can't try any of the new loads on deer yet!